The Delphi technique has been used for meeting several challenges, including [1, 2, 3]:

  • Clarifying and exploring objectives, indicators, criteria, measures and options while avoiding social pressures and psychological distractions;
  • Exploring perceptions associated with the impact of potential options or measures with the aim of obtaining the pros and cons arguments associated with their implementation;
  • Collecting information and experts perceptions to select drivers for building scenarios;
  • Gathering evidence and preferences for weighting criteria and building value functions;
  • Forecasting by exploring what is likely to happen, what may change, and what effects can be anticipated;
  • Planning for resource allocation by exploring stakeholder’s priorities, motivations and values.

Delphi has been applied in a large number of domains [3] including business, economics, finance, health care, sales and strategic planning.

Welphi Portfolio

Real-life cases where Welphi has been used for


Euro-Healthy Research project Building a composite index to measure population health on the European regions. Welphi was used in three distinct Delphi processes: (1) for selecting indicators, (2) for defining the shapes of the indicators’ value functions and (3) for weighting the indicators.

Anicare, Erasmus +

Anicare ERASMUS+ European project aiming to implement an innovative pedagogical approach to support farm animal welfare teaching through peer to peer debates. It targets to promote critical thinking and inspire a behavioral change while respecting farmers’ emancipation, within a wider perception of animal welfare.

Fórum Brasileiro de Mudança do Clima

Brazilian Forum for Climate Change Defining and prioritizing measures to be implemented by the Brazilian government with the objective of reducing carbon emissions, consulting actors of the society and of the Brazilian Government.


ENERPHI Promoting the Welphi platform to support students in teaching participatory web-Delphi processes for participatory processes in Energy decision-making contexts.

Impact HTA

Impact HTA research project looking at new and improved methods across ten thematic areas aiming at understanding variations in costs and health outcomes within and across countries, and integrating clinical and economic data from different sources to improve methods in economic evaluation in the context of HTA and health system performance measurement.

Rede Social de Lisboa

Lisbon Forum of the Social Action Network Selecting the objectives of the Social Development Plan (2016-2019) of the municipality of Lisbon, Portugal.

Welphi has been used as a tool for conducting Delphi processes in severall areas. You can see a list of some of the publications made by our clients below:

Reference papers of applications using Welphi:

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  • Presentations of applications using Welphi:

  • Graf, Marlon, Pamela Baker, Meaghan Roach, Jacquelyn W. Chou, and John M. Kane. Assessing expert consensus around progression and mitigation of cognitive decline following onset of schizophrenia disease: A Delphi method study. American Psychiatric Association (APA) Annual Meeting (virtual), May 2021.
  • Graf, Marlon, Carolyn Harley, Rifat Tuly, and Katharine Batt. Assessing Expert Consensus around Current and Future Coverage Practices for Prophylaxis Treatments of Hemophilia A without Inhibitors: A Delphi Method Study. Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP) Annual Meeting (virtual), April 2021.
  • Freitas, A, João Pedro Pêgo, António Augusto de Sousa, José Fernando Oliveira. Promoting Faculty pedagogical development: the strategy for a public engineering Higher Education institution. CISPEE 2021 4th International Conference of the Portuguese Society for Engineering Education, June 2021.
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