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Welphi is an online survey platform that implements the Delphi method. This platform allows you to create questionnaires for acquiring opinion of several participants, geographically disperse and/or with a busy agenda, in an easy and affordable way.

Through a system of rounds, it is possible, in an anonymous way, to confront each participant with the opinions of his peers, engaging participants in a non-face-to-face format and promoting consensus among the group on issues that lack the support of quantitative data.

Thus, the Welphi is positioned between a face-to-face meeting – where the confrontation of ideas is possible but the physical presence of all participants is required– and a simple online questionnaire – where the opinion of participants is requested but not shared with others and no opportunity is given to each participant to revise his option in light of the opinion of his peers.

Therefore, Welphi permits to confront ideas in an asynchronous, online, participatory and iterative way. Moreover, by permitting to anonymously share the participants’ comments, each participant can change his initial position, thus promoting group consensus.

The platform was developed to facilitate the process of:

  • Creating questionnaires
  • Creating rounds
  • Introducing the object of study (indicators, criteria, objectives, policies, etc.)
  • Creating response scales
  • Introducing and inviting participants
  • Producing questionnaire statistics
  • Creating rules for approval and rejection
  • Sharing rounds results with participants
  • Producing statistical graphs for each round and for the whole process.

To start each round, the platform automatically sends an invitation e-mail to each participant, with all the information required for accessing the online questionnaire.

During each round, the Welphi also sends automatic reminders to those participants who have not completed the questionnaire, thus reducing the drop-out rate of the process.

One of the main advantages of using Welphi is the production of automatic statistics for result analysis. Welphi also allows establishing rules for approval and rejection, permitting, on one hand, to elect consensual elements and, on the other, to decide which elements should be included in a new round.

In the end, data can be exported for Excel files for subsequent analysis.